About Me

I know it’s such a cliche to say you have always loved fashion etc. Since I was a little girl, I have strong memories of being enamoured by beautiful jewellery that my mother had or lipstick from Christian Dior that my mum got.

I’ve always been someone who looks beyond the details of outfits and accessories. I like researching products before I buy and I am not an impulse shopper even though I am passionate about beauty and style. I use this detail focused approach with this blog.

You will find posts about shopping, beauty & style product recommendation, hauls and lifestyles. Every now and then, I will post an outfit but it isn’t the core focus of this blog. If you want shopping guides and tips, this is the right place for you.

I hope you love the blog as much as I do. My name is Kagem, I am a consultant and I update this blog in my free time. Because I don’t rely on it for income, you won’t find irritating spammy posts.