Should you really get the Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes for $45??

Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes

Too Faced Palettes

This eyeshadow palette looks absolutely delightful. I think one of the things that Too Faced knows how to do is packaging. They make beautifully packaged cosmetics that entice you to covet and want to purchase the product. I previously covered Tom Ford – where Ford’s makeup collection can look clinical at times, Too Faced is feminine and warm. That said, the Just Peachy Mattes have received mixed reviews online.

What are people saying? Is it any good?

Some reviews say that the eyeshadow palette doesn’t last for long while others say the colours look good in the pan but don’t transfer that well on your skin. One reviewer from Atlanta on even said that the mattes don’t last for even 4 hours. That doesn’t sound that great but I still want to cop these to try it on myself as sometimes your skin type can determine whether eyeshadows last or not. The company claims the eyeshadows have sweet fig milk infused in the formula but we’ll see about that LOL.

I think eyeshadow needs to be a more important part of creating your makeup look because it literally lifts your face and makes you look younger as well. The Just Peachy mattes are said to be highly pigmented which is on trend in the Instagram-driven world that we live in. I definitely want to try some complex eyeshadow looks this year with strong lipstick of course and when I do, I will update you.

Price£33 in the UK, $45 in the US

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