Is this Guerlain Lipstick one of the best pink lipsticks ever?

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Shaping Lip Colour in No. 368 Baby Rose – Start using it today

Guerlain pale pink lipstick

We all love makeup and lipstick but finding solid deals when it comes to shopping is difficult and trust me, I know. I am always looking for shopping offers. I found this awesome deal for Guerlain Kiss Kiss Lip Colour where you can get 10% by getting the lipstick here.

One reason why this Guerlain lippie is good is because it is creamy and it doesn’t dry out your lips. That is one of the pet peeves I have with many lipsticks — sometimes they highlight your cracked lips even more which isn’t a good look. I like the neutral pink tones of this Guerlain lipstick and I know it looks wonderful on a variety of skin tones. If you want nude pink lipstick that is similar to Twig by MAC, Baby Rose by Guerlain is a wonderful choice as well and with 10% off, it is worth it absolutely.