Top 3 Best Cartier Love Bracelets

cartier love bracelets on a human arm

Loving the glamour of the Cartier Love bracelets for 2019 and I cannot wait to get my hands on my own Love bracelets in 2019. Here are some of my top 5 favourite Cartier Love bracelets that I think look sleek and gorgeous for women. The Love Bracelets are also unisex to a degree.

1–White Gold Love Bracelet with Diamonds – $2K

White gold cartier love bracelet 2019

This bracelet is simple but it is so cute. It’s about $2K from Cartier’s official website.

2–Small Yellow Gold Love Bracelet – £3.5K in the UK

small yellow gold cartier love bracelet

This Love bracelet is dainty and feminine. It can be purchased at Harrods. I love how sleek this particular Cartier Love bracelet is.

3–Yellow Gold and Diamond Paved Love Bracelet – £35K

Yellow gold and diamond paved love bracelet

Yes I know what you are thinking. The price is absolutely insane at £34,700 – but there is something so glamorous about this bracelet and the picture just does not do it any justice at all. You can also buy it from Harrods.

Is a Cartier Love Bracelet worth it?

Obviously whether you should buy something or not depends on your finances. Cartier have clearly woken up to this because they are offering Cartier Love bracelets at different price points. I am someone who is a bit of a maximalist who just loves the vibrancy and gloss of the diamond paved Love bracelets however I can see why the more affordable Love bracelets are ideal as well. A Cartier Love bracelet is only worth it if you can afford it. Out of principle I don’t believe in replicas at all but I wouldn’t shame you if you want that for yourself. I prefer the original of every luxury item because you are getting the real thing.

How do Cartier Love Bracelets look in real life?

Pictures showing how they look in real life is always better than a plain product picture. Take a look below to see how the Love bracelet looks on a human arm

cartier love bracelets on a woman's arm

I love how Cartier Love Bracelets look different on every person. If you are just as passionate about Love bracelets as I am but you want to know about pricing, check out my Ultimate Guide on how to buy your own Love Bracelet.