How much do Cartier Love bracelets cost ?

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Cartier Love Bracelets Price List

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The Cartier Love Bracelet costs different amounts across a variety of currencies. I have decided to make a spreadsheet to help all the fans of the Love Bracelet who want to know how much it costs. Take a look at my spreadsheet below so you can get an idea of how much the Love bracelets cost across USD, GBP, AED, and HK$.

Cartier Love Bracelet Prices

I created this spreadsheet using Cartier’s official website as the base for the prices. Obviously there are currency fluctations depending on which currency you buy in. I added USD, Pound Sterling, Dirhams and the Hong Kong $ because I have a global audience. Would you like to see a spreadsheet with Cartier prices in Euros? If so, send me an email at and I will happily do so.

What are the price ranges of the Cartier Love Bracelet ?

The price ranges for the Cartier Love Bracelet start at $6K and go above $50K as you can see from my spreadsheet. I even created a buying guide for the Cartier Love bracelet specifically and if you want to look at authentic Love bracelets online, they are sold at Selfridges, Harrods, as well as Cartier’s website.

I am interested in the Love bracelet in the following styles: classic yellow gold, 4 diamond rose gold and YG diamond paved option. Which are your favourite options? Let me know by checking me via email or following me on Instagram on @hayaglamazon.