10 Beautiful Chanel Bags You Need To See

Most people know Chanel for the iconic classic flap bag and their sleek slingback shoes. But Chanel is so much more. Did you know that behind every bag there is a story which takes you through the lavish life of Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel? That every motive and colour are memories of her childhood? When buying a Chanel bag you’re not just paying for the leather and labour, you’re investing in design, art, quality and history!

Here are 10 Chanel bags you should put on your wishlist

1 — Chanel classic flag bag (small)

yellow chanel flap bag

Obviously I can’t do a top 10 Chanel without including the classic flap. This is a bag which will go with ANY outfit and a bag you will never get tired off. A lot of people will buy this bag thinking that it will only be used for special occasions, but end up using it for every day. I would therefore recommend that you get this bag in grained calfskin (caviar) as it is a much more resilient materiel to scratches and every day wear and tear. This bag does not loose its shape so it does not need special storing or stuffing when not in use!

Price: €4.450 EUR

2 — Rue Cambon Shopper (large)

chanel shopper cambon

I Love love love this bag. It is a pain in the arse to get a hold on, but so worth it! This bag is made in canvas and excellent if you’re travelling or a student as has the perfect size and does not get worn out that easily. It looks super chic and laid back!

Note: This is a seasonal bag with seasonal colours which usually comes with the collections launching in May and November!

Price: €3.822 (Price varies depending on style and material)

3 — Chanel vanity camera case (large)

chanel vanity case

This bag is super cute for a night out  and really makes you stand out! I love the candy colour look,  but it is not as spacious as it looks, so only bring whats necessary!  

Price: €4155

4 –Trendy CC Chevron/Jersey

chanel trendy cc

The trendy CC is such a handy and stylish bag. It has the perfect size and detachable chain. I like the jersey material, as it look really classy and sporty at the same time.  

Price: €3705

5 — Business Affinity

chanel business affinity

Super cool and user-friendly bag. The price is really good and you get a lot of bag for your money. It is not as classy but it looks really cute as an everyday bag  with a bonus zip pocket on the front. This bag is suitable as a cross body bag as the chain is a bit longer than the average.

Price: €3342

6 — Chanel classic flap bag in chevron/champagne gold

chevron champagne gold bag

Once in a blue moon the classic flap is released in chevron with champagne gold hardware. This is such a cool design and it looks very different than the quilted classic flap.

Price ca. €5025

7 — Chanel Tweed bag

chanel tweed.jpg

The mini should be purchased in anything but black. This is such a fun and cute little bag that will complete your outfit no matter what. The tweed usually comes out every season in different colours. If you’re looking for light bright colours, you should keep an eye out for the summer and cruise collection.  

Price: From €2985+ (depending on tweed and leather style)

8 – Chanel 31 Bag

chanel 31

This is so underestimated! The clutch/bag can be used in so many different ways and will give you the freedom to be creative. Karl Largerfeld originally designed this bag to honor the facade of the new store on 31 Rue Cambon. It is definitely worth checking out in store.

Price: €3975

9 – Chanel Gabrielle Bag

chanel gabrielle

Obsessing over this bag! Recently the Gabrielle has caught my eye due to the chains and crossbody wear. The bag itself is kind of simple, but once you wear the chains across it is like you’ve added a bunch of accessories too your outfit. This is really useful when you live in a cold country and are always wearing boring winter coats! If you have a bunch of Chanel bags in your collection at home, this is a subtle yet “loud” bag to add.

Price: €3500 – €4065

10 – Boy Bag Handle (Large)

This bag speaks for itself but it is a bit of a mystery bag which is why getting photos of it is difficult. It is so simple but yet so edgy and stylish at the same time. The handle really changes the look of the Boy bag. It feels less boxy and more suitable for evening wear.

Price: currently not available, but some stores still have from previous collections.

Last seen as: ca. €5000

Which of these 10 Chanel bags are your favourite? Which ones will be on your wishlist for 2020? I would love to know what you think!