5 Beautiful Hairstyles For Black Girls in 2020

Here are 5 of the most beautiful and inspiring hairstyles for black women that I have found online that you can use to create new and glamorous hairstyles. These styles can work even if your hair is natural (mine is woop) and you can absolutely use hair pieces so you can keep your hair protected. Which one is your favourite? Let me know!

1 — Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

half up half down hair with curls

2 — Ombré Silk Press

ombre silk press

3 — Natural Hair with Roller Set Curls

natural hair roller set hair

4 — Sleek Ponytail

sleek ponytail

5 — Top Knot Ponytail with Soft Waves

Top knot ponytail

Which of these hairstyles is your favourite ? I am currently obsessed with #1 as I love half up, half down hairstyles. I think they look casual yet glamorous at the same time which is a vibe that I am going for.

Tell me which one you like the most!