How does Cartier treat its best clients who spend the most in Cartier boutiques?

Hi Glamazons – I just shot a video for my YouTube channel about some research I did about how Cartier treats its’ best clients. The top 1% of its’ client base. I did some research on message boards and found some concerns from some people. Check out my video below and keep reading for more tidbits on how Cartier treats its’ best clients.

What perks do Cartier customers get?

CARTIER juste un clou image with love bracelets

Some of the top perks the best Cartier customers get according to an old thread in the Purse Form include:

  • SAs sending flowers to their best customer
  • Birthday cakes being sent to you
  • A glass of champagne while you are shopping
  • Perfume samples or a small gift

Obviously as I note in my video, this is an art not a science. Some customers have complained they have spent a lot of money on jewellery and never even gotten champagne. Others have said they were upset that they did not receive gifts but others have received plenty of perks.

cartier love bracelets bracelets

Honestly a lot of this depends on how often you buy their jewellery. I have seen some people on groups and boards tell SAs that they want champagne when they walk in the boutique. I am not sure that is the right way of going about things. It comes off a bit desperate or am I wrong?

What do you think of these Cartier perks for their best customers? Do you expect top notch service even if you are just window shopping?

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