5 SEO Tips for Fashion Bloggers

top seo tips for fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers

If you are a fashion blogger, a beauty blogger or you are in the lifestyle space, you need to follow these top 5 SEO tips for fashion bloggers. The fashion, beauty & lifestyle spaces have grown exponentially with the rise of social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok. That said, if you don’t have a fashion blog, you are leaving opportunities on the table. People search millions and millions of search terms every day and fashion & beauty are two niches that get tonnes of searches. You should be targeting to these searches to grow your blog. Follow these top 5 SEO tips to boost and grow your fashion blog.

1 – Use keyword research tools to find out what keywords are trending in fashion & beauty

I like Keyword Keg & LSIGraph to find long tail keywords. For example, this guide about the Cartier Love Bracelet did well in Bing’s search engine and I believe it’s because I used long tail keywords relating to Cartier. There are some Cartier keywords that have more than 300K monthly searches. This is good because it means there will be a steady flow of organic searches. I think you should write about topics you are passionate about but you do need to do keyword research so that you can get organic traffic. Many keyword tools are free but they limit searches.

2 – Create Ultimate Guides & Buyer Guides

These types of guides take a lot of work but they end up being seeded in search engines in a way that short posts about outfits don’t. If you are writing a beauty blog that focuses mainly on product reviews, create Ultimate Guides on how to buy beauty products so people know the best practices they need to follow when it comes to buying beauty products. Long guides that are well written will get picked up by search engines like Google and Bing when people are searching.

3 – Use tags properly

Tags are sometimes an afterthought for bloggers when they should be an important element of what you are doing with your fashion & beauty blog. If you are writing a blog post on Louis Vuitton handbags, ensure that you use the appropriate blog tags and use keyword research tools to come up with tags that can be added into the CMS of your blog. I like WordPress CMS the best when it comes to adding tags to posts.

4 – Name images correctly and use alt text for images


If you are posting images of your outfits, don’t call it ‘Image 1’ when you are uploading the image to your blog post. Title it something like ‘Outfit of the Day – My Name Blog’. This will help your image be seen by image search which is growing as more people are searching for things visually as opposed to typing out keywords. Use alt text to describe your image so it is also picked up faster by search engines. Image SEO is going to continue being hugely important for fashion & beauty bloggers so please take it seriously.

5 – Create main landing pages with keywords

Within your fashion & beauty blog, you should focus on your key landing pages that further encourage organic searches and that signal you as a leading authority. For example, you might be a fashion blogger who loves wearing pink outfits and pink makeup, you should create a landing page around this theme and link to your best content from your blog on this page itself. This helps to establish you as an authority and it signals to search engines that your blog is worth taking a look at.

BONUS TIP: Most keywords are hidden these days within Analytics because many people who are searching are doing this while they are logged into their Gmail or Microsoft accounts. This is why you cannot see many long tail keywords. That said, some people are doing searches without being logged in and in these cases, you CAN see the keywords themselves. Take advantage of the non-logged in searches to understand what people are searching for. On my blog here, many searches are about Cartier bracelet shopping, how to buy Cartier love bracelets, African print dresses and much more. So most of my top content is around what my readers are searching for. Check analytics to see the keywords for non-logged in users to get inspired and to increase monthly page views for your fashion blog.

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