Best Louis Vuitton Christmas Presents Under €500 Euros/$500 USD

Best Louis Vuitton Christmas Presents Under €500 Euros/$500 USD

LV Xmas Gift Ideas

I love Christmas and I have found some beautiful gift ideas for Christmas that you could give as a presents to others or for yourself. Tell me what you think of these Christmas present ideas.

Key Pouch in Canvas – €185 Euros/$270 USD

key pouch in damier ebene

The key pouch in the different canvas options would make a stunning gift without breaking the bank. It can be used as a key chain for car keys and it can also be used as a coin purse with a chain for extra coins.

City Guides – €30 Euros each/1 city covered per guide

lv city guide

I love the idea of the city guides. This is the perfect luxury gift for someone who loves travel and going on holiday.

Louisette Earrings – €310 Euros

These earrings are affordable and they look unique. They can also be worn daily and with a variety of outfits.

lv stud earrings louisette

Key Pouch in Empreinte – €300 Euros

lv key pouch empreinte

I think this key pouch looks glamorous and vibrant as the logo pops more with the empreinte leather. The price is good as well.

What do you think of these Louis Vuitton Christmas present ideas under €500/$500?

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