Protective Hairstyles For Hair Growth

protective hairstyles for hair growth

Protecting your hair is key for growing long natural hair. If you need ideas for protective hairstyles for hair growth, you have come to the right place. Protective hairstyles can be a wide range from braids to weaves to lace wigs when installed properly. Here are some of the best hairstyles for hair growth:


Braids help to protect your hair for hair growth if they are installed correctly. Braids such as box braids or two strand twists with extensions wrap your hair in a barrier and this barrier is the extensions so your hair is in a cocoon where it can grow. You should always tell your stylist not to pull too tight when she or he is braiding your hair. In order for hair growth to happen in an optimal way, make sure that your braids are not done too tight and ensure that your edges are not being pulled.

Sew In Weaves/Lace Wigs

Lace wigs give your hair a chance to grow if the cornrows under your lace wig have not been done too tightly. Use a wig cap as well and put Jamaican black castor oil around the edges of your cornrows to ensure that your edges continue to grow as you wear a lace wig. When you put your lace wig on top of your cornrows, make sure you are wearing a wig cap as well. This hairstyle of wearing a lace wig often can help to stimulate hair growth, just make sure that you are putting Jamaican black castor oil around the edges of your lace wig to keep your edges in tact.

African Threading

This hairstyle is one of my favourite options for protective hairstyles for hair growth. If you want to grow long natural hair fast, you should be using African threading. Depending on your stylist’s technique, you can get your stylist to do ‘flat’ African threads that look similar to cornrows which you can then put a lace wig on top of. This will give your hair the chance to grow fast. You can see hair growth results with African threading in as little as 10 days. Give it a chance as it is one of the best protective hairstyles for hair growth.

For the best results with protective hairstyles for hair growth, use a hair growth oil as well when you are doing these protective hairstyles. Contact us today here for hair growth oils that work.