YSL Price Increase May 2022 – Saint Laurent is increasing prices!

YSL Price Increase May 2022

YSL So Black LouLou bag

YSL So Black LouLou Bag – Pic from Google

YSL are increasing prices worldwide for their products. All of this information has been shared on social media such as Facebook and Instagram. Make sure you double check with your SA though for all the information.

The Saint Laurent price increase is said to be happening on the 1 May 2022 and it will be a worldwide increase with a variety of currencies that will be affected. If you want to get anything, do so before the 1 May 2022.

I am curious about how the Sunset and LouLou will be priced after this increase. It’s like they are trying to make the bags more expensive so that they can increase the value of the brand and I totally understand that. I wonder how YSL clients will react to this. How do you feel about this new Saint Laurent Price Increase for May 2022?

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