Chanel 22K – New bags from Chanel from the Chanel 22K Collection

Chanel 22K ~ New Bags from Chanel 22K

Chanel 22K is the Autumn Winter 2022 collection from Chanel. Here are some of my favourite bags from Chanel aka Big C. Tell me which ones that you like the most as well.

What do you think of this new Chanel 22K collection?

Make sure you let me know and follow me on all of my socials. I love the bright pink Coco Handle which is surprising as the CCH is not one of my fave bags from Chanel. The silver reissue looks cute. There is a tonne of tweed as well on the website including tweed 22 bags and tweed seasonals.

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Picture credits – songsenkei2.0 on IG