Louis Vuitton Louisette Earrings Review

Louis Vuitton Louisette Earrings 2022 Review

louisette earrings

I bought these Louisette earrings at the Champs Elysees boutique in January 2022. I love them and I know it sounds so corny to be like you love them but I really do. They are some of my daily driver earrings and I love wearing them.

They are lightweight and don’t pull on your ear lobes at all. A lot of earrings can feel heavy after wearing them the whole day but these feel light and they genuinely do not impact my ears whatsoever. I totally recommend them.

louisette earrings

The Louisette are in the shape of one of the hallmark monogram symbols – very subtle and discreet. No one will know it is a Louis Vuitton earring unless they shop at LV themselves which is a fun inside vibe at best.

This is fashion jewellery and it is delicate ~ if you don’t want the Louisette earrings to tarnish, you need to keep them out of direct sunlight and store them in a cool place. You also should not swim or shower with them.

They were about 310 Euros when I bought them. Check the website regularly to see if the price changes or not.