Hermes Kelly 2023 Prices – Retail Prices (USD, GBP, EUR, AED)

I wanted to share retail prices in a mix of currencies for bags in the Kelly family. Let me know if this is helpful. These are retail prices so you know how much they cost at the boutique when you are shopping instore. This is not an exhaustive list but meant to give you an idea on models that fly under the radar.

Hermes Kelly 2023 Retail Prices

*Kelly Doll Picto
-$15,600 USD
-£10,810 GBP
-$26,000 AUD
*Himalayan Kelly 28 
-$58,700 USD
*Himalayan Birkin 25
-$61,700 USD

*Kelly To Go
Touch Version £5,170 GBP
Epsom £3,510
*Kelly 25 Depeche Evercolour
*Kelly Danse II Ostrich
Ostrich €12,500
Evercolour €6,250
*Mini Kelly II 
Ostrich €12,600
Epsom €6,700
Chevre €7,250
Epsom 36,650 AED
Touch Croco €10,400
Picnic €12,400
Box Leather €9,250
*Kelly Pochette
Ostrich €12,890
Swift €4,900
*Kelly en Desordre 20
*Kelly Elan
Ostrich €11,800
Shiny Croco €35.3K
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