Louis Vuitton New Releases (July 2023) ~ New bags including new Petite Malles

LV have dropped multiple bags of new releases across a wide range of categories. I saw these posted on foxylv’s Instagram page so I wanted to share them with you. Credits to her for pictures. I am loving the look of the Petite Malle with the Parisian street style look. It’s a very unique collector’s piece but I do think you could wear it day to day with denim for example.

Louis Vuitton New Releases Pictures

LV new bags 2023

My thoughts

I think these pieces are definitely LOVE or HATE. I have seen people on Instagram say they look tacky and weird. I personally think they are very slick and cool. I also think they are kind of an inside joke from LV to LV clientele. If you go back in the history of the brand, LV’s first boutique in Paris was on the Rue neuve de Capucines, where the Capucines bag gets its name from.

Street signs have always been part of LV’s story – the LV Circle used to be on original storefronts of the brand in the early days of the house. I think this collection is like an Easter egg to LV clients. I personally like these bags but they definitely are flashy so won’t be for everyone. Let me know what you think!

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