Schiaparelli have $7,000 gold sunglasses. Is this peak luxury?

Schiaparelli Gold Sunglasses

Schiaparelli Gold sunglasses worn by model

(Images from Schiaparelli’s website & V Magazine) 

What do you all think of these $7,000 Schiaparelli sunglasses? They are not available for purchase on the website, in store only. I asked a Schiaparelli SA online the price and was told $7,000 USD. The shades are made from brass, so they are not real gold but the colour is meant to look like gold.

$7K is probably the most I have ever heard for a pair of sunglasses and I am pretty up to date when it comes to luxury sunglasses.

These to me are more of a fashion statement for pictures – I think the brand made these for people to wear them almost like an art piece, a statement and for taking pictures on social media since it does not look like you can even see out of them. I definitely want to see these in person but I am more of a Loewe, Thierry Lasry and Dior sunglass girl. What do you think of these shades? Is it peak luxury?

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