New Luxury Watches 2024 ~ Bulgari Lucea (10th Anniversary)

Bulgari Lucea Watches

bulgari lucea watches

(Images from Forbes)

Bulgari have released some new designs of the Lucea watch which has its tenth anniversary this year. It was first launched in 2014. I really like these designs – they look cute and feminine. I really like the timepiece with the green dial which I found out later is malachite. The watches have marquetry composition as well.

In terms of pricing from left to right the price is as follows in Euros: €12,700| €8,100 | €19,200

Stylistically, Bulgari (also known as BVLGARI) writes Lucea as LVCEA but obviously both are correct. Let me know what you think about these new beautiful watches. They look glamorous!

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