Tom Ford Negligée Lipstick – Is this lipstick worth $54?

TF 1

I know what you are thinking, pale pink lipstick and you are a black girl? This lipstick is a sumptuous choice for women who want to achieve that pale look but you have dark skin. It also looks good on lighter skin tones. You guys are probably noticing a pattern with my posts so far right? I always go for lipsticks that go the distance and this is one of my ultimate favourites by a mile.

It is matte yet creamy and it doesn’t have a drying effect. One of the biggest issues though with Tom Ford products in general is that they are small in terms of the product that you receive. These lipsticks are small and you don’t get that much pigment considering the money. Is this on purpose? I think Tom Ford as a brand is always pushing customers to see what is the breaking point. People keep buying though.

I wouldn’t say Tom Ford is value for money however it is kind of like a Picasso of beauty – you can get one, have it in your beauty bag and it will invigorate your beauty looks but you will definitely remember how much you paid for the pleasure.

This is one of the best softer pink lipsticks on the market for women of colour if you are going for that 1960s look.

Price: $54 – Tom is always crazy with his pricing – no exception here!