How black women can wear platinum blonde weaves with dark-roots without looking crazy

Outre Platinum Blonde Weave with Dark Roots in 613 Colour - Haya Glamazon

Me wearing a weave from Outre

Outre Synthetic Hair Weave DUO Batik – J Curl

Colour: The colour I purchased was called DR613 however it is sold out almost everywhere online. Might be worth searching in your local beauty supply store.

Brand: Outre

Where can I buy it? :I bought mine at Sam’s Beauty – if you click here you can get it but again the DR613 that I got is sold out. However, you can get it in other colours if you wish.

Price: $17.00

How can black women wear platinum weaves like this?

  • Always have dark roots: The dark roots make the weave look more natural and less harsh. Platinum blonde can look really stark and too strong on some skintones. The dark black or brown roots act as a ‘soft landing’ for this look.
  • Update your style: This hair weave requires a different kind of style. It looks great on nights out and during the day when you go shopping to do errands. Wear sleek clothing that looks glamorous or elegant to give the hair an extra lift.
  • Wear a sleeping cap at night: The weave is synthetic so it won’t last as long as a human hair weave. I would suggest wearing a sleeping cap to keep static at bay and so that it lasts for a longer time.
  • Brush it with a rat tail comb: I prefer a rat tail comb to get that sleek look that looks good with this type of hair colour. Naturally, you probably have a rat tail comb or you can get one at your local beauty store.
  • Keep your skin and makeup fresh: You should make sure that your skin looks fresh and dewy, and if you wear makeup, ensure that makeup is glamorous or subtle. All of the little details have to come together to make this Outre synthetic weave the ultimate choice for platinum blonde hair with dark roots for black women.
  • One pack is enough but 2 packs looks fuller: Some women love massive full looks, others don’t. I purchased one pack and it covered my whole head but next time, I will get 2 packs at once for a bouncier look.

My thoughts

This weave is an excellent choice if you want that Nicki Minaj platinum blonde hair with the dark roots look.

Platinum Blonde 1

Nicki Minaj Platinum Blonde Human Hair Weave – She’s not wearing Outre but this is clearly the inspiration for the Outre weave

It is easy on the wallet, and I think it’s worth getting a few packets of this hair at one time. Why? Because Outre is sneaky and they constantly discontinue styles even if they sell well. That’s one thing about Outre that I do not understand at all. They are always discontinuing styles! So frustrating. Next time, I will get at least 4-5 packets of this to last me for a long time because I can’t handle the colour being sold out and Outre not restocking or manufacturing it again.

I think the price is fair and you can choose how you want the parting. The synthetic hair texture isn’t ideal but for the price, it can’t be beat.