Is the Gucci Marmont bag worth the price?

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Should you buy the Gucci Marmont?

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Gucci Marmont medium velvet bag – $2,900 

The Gucci Marmont bag is one that is becoming popular with celebrities and socialites to the point Gucci has started manufacturing different sizes. I am not crazy about the new releases of Marmonts that look like long Chanel totes. There is something about them that looks creepy. I am going to summarise why the Gucci Marmont should be purchased, and why you should steer clear:

YES – Reasons to buy the Gucci Marmont

  • Price starts at $1,900+ so it is cheaper than Chanel
  • Rich textures when it comes to fabric (choose from velvet, matelassé)
  • Looks stylish

NO – Reasons to stay away

  • Sizes look ridiculously small on the ecommerce site by Gucci
  • Velvet does not last long at all

I like the folksy Gucci velvet option that I showed you guys above. It has a romance to it that most Gucci bags don’t. I don’t think the Marmont is worth the money if you get it in a solid colour. Go for the bolder choices with embroidery or jewels encrusted so that you can wear it as much as possible. The Marmont seems to be Gucci’s first stab in making a real bag that doesn’t have that irritating bamboo handle that their old bags had. I don’t know if it is worth $2K but I do think the folksy one looks very beautiful.

Would you go for the Gucci Marmont or will you save your money?

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