Fur Coat 1

Are fur coats worth buying?

It’s crazy because normally I hate lavender however this lavender fur coat looks luscious to me and I think it is worth a purchase if you love looking glamorous. I think fur coats are worth a purchase if:

  • You want to stay warm in colder months
  • You want the old glamour of fur coats
  • You have the budget for it

Should you buy faux fur or real fur?

I think you should buy want you want. I don’t like it when people pontificate about fur whether it should be real or not. Buy products that are legal and that make you happy. I think faux fur pretty much looks like the real thing, however I know plenty of people who love real fur and say it is softer.

Whatever texture you choose, make sure you make the length of the coat short. Short fur coats look more modern and fresh compared to longer ones.

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