10 Instagram-Worthy Chanel Bags You Need To Buy

These Chanel bags is a bad habit

–Nicki Minaj in Feeling Myself 

Gorgeous Chanel Bags for this year

Nicki is onto something. Here are some incredible Chanel bags that are worthy of an Instagram crown. Chanel bags range in price, if you need financial tips to purchase your Chanel bag – click here

  1. Chanel Bowling Bag – $7,000+ – enquire in-store for detailed pricingChanel 4 1
  2. Chanel Boy Bag in Pink – $4,700 Chanel 5 1
  3. Chanel Boy Bag in Yellow – $4,700 Chanel 6
  4. Chanel Flap Bag – $4,800 Chanel 7
  5. Chanel Flap Bag – $4,500Chanel 8
  6. Chanel Flap Bag in White – $5,500+ Chanel 9
  7. Chanel Top Handle – $6,000+ Chanel 10
  8. Chanel Boy Bag Mini – $3,000+ Chanel 11
  9. Chanel Boy Bag Small – $4,000 Chanel 12
  10. Chanel Backpack – $3,000+ Chanel 13

My Thoughts on These 10 Instagram-Rich Chanel Bags

I could actually melt into a pool based on the sheer beauty of Bags #3 – #6. So much femininity, personality and glamour stitched into these stunning bags that you simply need to try.

I think Chanel bags are only for die-hards and hard-core fashion fans. I am not nuts about the Gabrielle, the 2.55, or the standard flap bags. Not sure why but those bags do not speak to me at all. However, these that I have chosen in this Top 10 list are unique, crisp, fresh and modern. I especially love the structure of the Boy bags, the elegance of the Top Handle bags and the slouchy cool of the backpacks. This is the Chanel that I like and I am glad to see Karl Lagergeld giving this side more attention.

I think the bags I have chosen in this list are modern and they look new for this era, not old or stilted like the classic bags (SORRY, NOT SORRY GUYS!). Get these Instagram-ready bags today with the help of my financial guide on how to buy a Chanel bag. Yes they are expensive, and no you shouldn’t risk your finances to buy a bag. Always be responsible and look glamorous.

Which bags are your favourite here?