Obsessed: The Hermes Birkin Bag + Hermes Birkin Bag Price List 2020


classic birkin bag

Image Source: Pinterest

I really like this Hermes Birkin which is interesting as normally I am not a huge fan of neutral colours. I do like this one though and I can see it working beautifully in a workwear wardrobe. I am in the middle of retooling my entire wardrobe and obviously the Birkin would be an ultimate dream bag. It is a stylish bag – I am not crazy about a lot of Hermes’ other products but I do like their Birkins & bracelets. Which Birkin is your favourite and which colour do you like the most?

How much does a Hermes Birkin Bag cost in 2020?

I found an excellent price list here from the Fifth Avenue Girl, you can check it out here. The Togo Birkin 35cm is around $12K according to that price list. That’s the size I want. Naturally Hermes bags are expensive and it is what it is. There are all kinds of crazy rumours about how you have to spend thousands in order to get one. That is not my style – that said, I have heard about people walking into a boutique and getting a bag with no issues or problems.

I love this bag so much. I will update if I step into the world of Hermes.

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