5 Best Tom Ford Lipsticks

5 Best Tom Ford Lipsticks

The world of Tom Ford is defined by two things: ultra-luxury looks and sky-high prices to match. Let’s get into the Best Tom Ford Lipsticks of the moment that will good on you. These are my personal choices of what I think are the best Tom Ford lipsticks.

  1. Tom Ford Lipstick in Night Mauve – $54 T1
  2. Tom Ford Lipstick in Dressed To Kill – $54T2
  3. Tom Ford Lipstick in Original Sin – $54T3
  4. Tom Ford Lipstick in Erogenous – $54 T4
  5. Tom Ford Lipstick in Near Dark – $54 T5

My Views on The Best Tom Ford Lipsticks

These 5 glamorous Tom Ford lipsticks speak to me because they are richly-pigmented and the colours are deep and intense. I love the texture of Night Mauve, but when you need that pop of colour, Dressed to Kill is another excellent choice. Erogenous is a smooth nude that can be used to create the no-makeup look that people love at the moment while Original Sin and Near Dark give you drops of chocolate gorgeousness.

You can buy the Tom Ford lipsticks here or you can try similar lipsticks with Tom Ford vibes by clicking here.