Top 15 Coffin Nails To Try Today

Coffin shaped nails are such a red-hot trend, and they don’t show any sign of slowing down. I am loving the variety that you can see in coffin nails from acrylic nails in the coffin style to coffin shaped press on nails. Here are my best picks for the top 15 coffin nails.

  1. Holographic
  2. Nails 1
  3. HolographicNails 2
  4. Coffin Nail ArtNails 3
  5. HolographicHolographic Coffin Nails
  6. Mauve NailsNails 5
  7. Beige NailsNails 6
  8. Long Coffin Shaped NailsLong Coffin Nails
  9. Neon Pink Coffin NailsCoffin Nails
  10. Green Coffin Nails That Are LongNail 4
  11. Pink Coffin Nails That Are LongNail 6
  12. Gold Coffin Shaped Nails With DiamondsNail 8
  13. Nude Pink Coffin Nails With DiamondsNails 2
  14. Clear Pink Coffin Shaped NailsCoffin Nails
  15. Holographic Coffin Shaped NailsNails 14
  16. Peach Coffin Nails Nails 12

Coffin Nails are always glamorous to look at and these Top 15 examples are drenched in colour. I love the coffin shaped nails because I think they allow you to inject more of your personality in them. Instead of buying nails with pre-printed graphics, coffin nails can be painted to create the look you want. I personally love the holographic coffin nails, I think they will look amazing on a night out. I also love the peachy orange coffin nails that pop against the colour of my skin. If you are looking for coffin nail ideas, use this Top 15 list to decide on which coffin shaped acrylic nails that you are going to go for.

Which coffin nail ideas were your favourite?

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