Are you crazy if you buy Crème de la Mer Lip Balm for $60??


Guys, guys, guys, let’s be honest. Crème de la Mer’s business team knows how to price products to get people’s tongues wagging. When I saw that the price of the Creme de la Mer Lip Balm was priced at $60 internationally (£50 in the UK), I was like UH-HUH, okay La Mer. 

What customers really think about Crème da la Mer’s Lip Balm

People say this is just like a normal lip balm… I don’t understand, it’s not.. it’s special. If you have severely dry lips like me, this will work, it will fix your them. Other things: repurchased twice, 1 jar last me 12 month, not that expensive in my opinion since it last forever, a little minty when you put it on, clam your lips down. I’m so happy that Sephora is carrying la mer, I’ll be repurchasing my next one here.

So expensive and works the same as Aquaphor ($3). Did nothing to help my dry lips from cracking. Would not recommend.

I use a tiny amount of this product before bed, & after brushing my teeth in the a.m., & my lips are soft & smooth all day for the first time in my adult life!

These reviews were from, and the reception is mixed. Some women adore the minty texture of the Lip Balm while other people say it is just pure wax.

I actually think we are looking at La Mer’s Lip Balm the wrong way. To me, the best lip balm in the world is from Carmex. Nothing beats it – however, La Mer’s option might have more medicinal qualities which is why some reviewers are noting how it makes their lips feel soft.

There is always a lot of hype around brands like La Mer because of how they are priced to keep most customers out. I think I would buy La Mer’s Lip Balm for a close friend or even for myself because I do think improving the texture of your lips is important especially if you are obsessed with lipsticks (as you can tell by now, I write many blogs about lipsticks because I am obsessed).

Pricewise, yes it is expensive however I do think it could be worth a purchase to at least try it out. I could see myself using the Lip Balm before applying liquid lipstick which has a way of making lips flake after a while.

Who exactly are La Mer targeting with the Lip Balm?

I work in digital marketing, and I do understand how brands work. They are aiming for a specific customer with this product. Carmex’s lip balms are super affordable and everyone uses them because they work beautifully. La Mer is targeting women who are probably already fans of their skincare products – chances are, they are not targeting lipstick obsessives, but they want to retarget their existing customer base with this product.

So….are you crazy or not?

Yes, you are. Anyone who loves makeup is crazy. Just make sure you can afford it.

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