Is Tom Ford barking mad?? – New Tom Ford Lip Lacquer Extreme released with big fat price tag!

Tom Ford Lip Lacquer

As you guys know by now, I am a Tom Ford watcher with detailed breakdowns on Tom Ford products. However, anytime I think he can’t surprise me, he goes and does something like launching Lip Lacquer Extreme.

And that price is extreme too LOL

TF 3

Tom Ford Lip Lacquer in Loveless

This colour is called Loveless. It reminds me of Havana by NYX – an ultra-bright violet that is definitely for women who want to stand out. It has a wet look to it but it comes in a pearlised texture and formula.

Is it worth it??

It’s $54 on Tom Ford’s website so it better be worth it and a bag of crisps to boot. You can find affordable dupes for a cheaper price, but I do understand the desire to try the Lip Lacquers and to see if they are worth it. My interest has been piqued by the Extreme version. I love the vibrancy of the Loveless swatch.

Other Tom Ford Lip Lacquer Extreme Swatches

tf 4

Tom Ford Lip Lacquer Extreme in Panty Pink

Tom Ford Lip Lacquer Extreme

Tom Ford Lip Lacquer Extreme in Torch

There are loads of swatches on the website that you can check out. Again it’s $54 which to me razor-sharp as a pricepoint but I am interested in the pigmentation of the Extreme lacquers. The standard Lacquers have a good formula so I wonder if they have changed it.

Would I get it??

Not sure – I do like Tom Ford’s approach to luxury beauty but not sure I love it for $54 for a small looking lip gloss. I probably will pick it up though but I do know you can get more affordable liquid lipsticks and lip glosses from other places.

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