Top 3 Style Tips For Women in 2019

style tips for women in 2019

Fashion, beauty and style tips are in a lot of supply online but trust me, my style tips for you are a bit different. I am going to share my ultimate top 7 style tips that will work for a wide range of ages. My passion is empowering women to look beautiful and feel gorgeous.

The Ultimate Top 3 Tips For Styling Yourself in 2019

1–Invest in 2 signature perfume scents

It’s important to have a signature scent. I love having one perfume for the day and a fragrance at night. My ultimate favourite perfume is Eau d’Iris by Prada and I also love Heat Rush by Beyoncé.

2–Create a weekend wardrobe with basics and glamorous options

Saturday and Sunday can be an awesome time for you to expand on your passion for style and looking good. For the weekend, I love day dresses and denim for the weekend but I also love polished looks for Sunday church, brunch with friends or dates with your boyfriend or husband. I definitely think you should build weekend warrior looks that allow you to stand out if you work full-time.

3–Invest in dresses

To be, nothing says I look like a million dollars more than a dress. I definitely think you should invest in a variety of dresses from glossy to girly in 2019 so that you can stand out. Aesthetics are important and I know that dresses aren’t for every girl however you can make them look punky with Doc Martens or girly with high heels. My favourite brand for affordable dresses is ASOS but Markus Lupfer is a designer brand that I love for dresses, and I also like Self Portrait’s dresses as well.

With these 3 tips, you can give yourself a makeover when it comes to fashion, style and beauty in 2019. Stand out from the crowd and make yourself look beautiful.

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