How much does a Chanel Boy Bag cost in 2019?

yellow chanel boy bag 2019

How much does a Chanel bag cost?

A Chanel Boy Bag in 2019 costs around $4,500 in USD and £3,550 in the UK for the 2019 season. The source is the Chanel website and you can see it by looking here.

Should you buy a Chanel Boy bag?

This beautiful yellow Chanel Boy bag in calfskin with gold hardware is one of my favourites and it is currently that price. As we know, Chanel is notorious for their insane price increases so make a decision on whether you are  going to buy one and take advantage of the current price or if you don’t think it is for you. Personally a Chanel Boy bag is on my list for 2019 but it is what I called a ‘determined purchase’ meaning it is one that I need to use all of the time – it’s not a bag to buy just to have it look cute without making good use of it. I have so many thoughts on style, shopping and creating budgets for luxury purchases that you can only get in my exclusive newsletter so check it out today.

Ultimately the Boy Bag looks excellent with day and nighttime looks. I prefer this smaller size because I think it looks cute but the larger ones are more practical as well.

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