What is the price of a Chanel bag in 2019?

How much does a white Chanel handbag cost in 2019? This post will tell you the exact price that you need to know before you go to the store.

Chanel white flap bag

How much does a Chanel flap bag like this cost exactly?

This gorgeous pristine white Chanel flap bag with gold hardware retails for around $3,500 according to Chanel. I am in love with how crisp and white it is. I can imagine it looking amazing when you are drinking champagne with friends in the South of France or somewhere super glamorous like that. It does look extremely difficult to keep clean but I do love the sharpness of white handbags.

Price – $3,500 in the US, circa £2,700 in the UK

My take – I love this white Chanel handbag if you are a fashionista and if you have white outfits or if you like monochrome. I see this handbag working for women who are minimalists and maximalists but it requires a specific type of taste in order to make it work to avoid it looking too ‘bare’.