My Bright Yellow Almond Shaped Nails [Original Content]

yellow almond shaped gel nails

My Yellow Almond Shaped Nails


How did I get these yellow almond shaped nails done?

These are my yellow almond shaped nails that I did all by myself and I put them on my Instagram profile. I thought it was worth sharing here as well. I used artificial tips that I purchased and I also used a nail polish brand from Tanzania called Lavy. The nail polish is not that stroke but a few coats gets the job done. I got a lot of compliments from using this nail polish and many people wanted to know where I purchased the artificial tips (I got them on holiday in South Africa).

I would definitely get these almond shaped nails done by myself but I remember the prep time took forever and you also need to search high and low for excellent nail glue so the nails don’t fall off.

I did these nails myself and they lasted for 7 days without falling out with a lot of wear and tear such as showering, washing clothes and being out and out with them etc.

Would I do my own nails again? Yes. Could I improve? Absolutely.