21 Coffin Nails To Inspire You

I am completely obsessed with coffin nails. Here are some of the best styles I have found from different sources that you can use as inspiration to make your nails look glamorous and gorgeous. Press-on coffin nails are better on your nail bed and the skin of your fingers, however, acrylics do go the extra mile and they last longer. I would go for press-on nails so you can change your styles often. Let’s get into it:

  1. Nail 5

  1. Nail 4
  2. Nail 6
  3. Nail 7
  4. Nail 8
  5. Pink 4
  6. Pink 1
  7. Nail 3
  8. N2
  9. Nails 1
  10. Nails 1
  11. Nails 2
  12. Nails 3
  13. Nails 4 2
  14. Nails 4
  15. Nails 6
  16. Nails 7
  17. Nails 8
  18. Nails 9
  19. Nails 11
  20. Nails 12

Why I love coffin shaped nails

As you can see from these 21 examples, coffin nails are so glamorous yet they are not boring. You can be inventive and sleek. I adore example 21 because they are unicorn hued coffin nails with a hologram effect. I am loving the people who are becoming creative and whipping up new ideas when it comes to coffin nails.

Are coffin nails expensive?

If you are getting acrylics, then yes they are going to cost you. I prefer if you consider getting coffin shaped press on nails instead, and you can easily search on Amazon.com to find coffin nails that are press ons. Normally you will get more than 100+ press on in value packs from brands like Markatt. Consider this to save money – you can wear them for a week, change style without having to get expensive acrylics which also ages the skin around your nails.