5 Gorgeous Chanel Handbags That Will Inspire You (Full Prices Included + PICS)

Ladies, I have been thinking recently about Chanel handbags that I think will look amazing for the end of 2019 and that will hold up beautifully in 2020. Here are my Glamazon approved picks for 2019 and 2020. I would love to know what you think of them so drop a comment or contact me anytime.

1 — Chanel 19 Maxi Flap Bag in Tweed/Houndstooth

chanel 19 maxi flap bag

I think this bag is definitely different for Chanel in that the perimeter of the bag looks softer and not as hard with the edges compared to the Chanel Boy Bag. I think this would work well for autumn and winter, but also for corporate or business settings for women who want a bag that goes with work clothes. I know many people are not a fan of the Chanel 19 bag but I am happy that Chanel are trying to do something different. Constant Boy bags and flap bags was getting boring. I like that they are experimenting with bags in different shapes without too much structure. It is a breath of fresh air. You can see more variations of the bag here.

Prices in the boutique

  • $5,000 USD
  • £4,260 GBP

2 – Chanel Deauville Tote Shopper Bag in Mixed Fabrics

chanel deauville shopper tote mixed fabric

This might sound crazy but this is one of my favourite Chanel handbags I have seen in a while because it is actually practical. I have been looking at shopper tote bags in a new light recently. I think before when I was younger, I saw them as a bag for older women but I think as we become more urbanised in the world and as our lifestyles change, it becomes more useful to have a handbag that is like this because you can put a lot of stuff in this bag. I have heard some YouTubers say the bag can become quite heavy but to be fair, I think that’s to be expected of shopper bags. They are not meant to be bags that are super comfortable – they are meant to carry a lot of your things. I can see this Chanel shopper tote bag being perfect for my life in Tanzania because we have a new plastic bag ban in my country.

I definitely love this bag and it is on my wishlist for 2020 so I will keep you updated if I am successful in purchasing it in the boutique the next time I go travelling. I could see myself using this on days out going to my local shopping centre or when I am running errands. Totally obsessed with it. You can see more variations here but I love this dark deep wash blue, almost like denim. I think it will go with everything.


  • $4,800 USD
  • £2,370 GBP

3 — Chanel Flap Bag with Burgundy & Black Contrasts

Chanel 4

You guys have to see more of this bag on their website – it is so unique and different. It is burgundy, more like oxblood on one side, then it is black on the other. I have to say, I am loving that Chanel is trying to get out of their comfort zone by designing different bags besides just the standard formation flaps. I love how different this is – I was taken aback on first when I saw it on their website but I like it more and more when I look at it. This is going to sell out if it has not already.


  • £3,720 GBP (can only find it on the UK site for now)

4 — Chanel Trendy CC Bag in Yellow with Chevron detail

chanel trendy CC bag in yellow

This Trendy CC Bag is one of my ultimate favourites. The super bright yellow hue looks gorgeous and I think it will go well with my skintone. Considering the fact I live in a sunny country, I think this shade of yellow would look amazing with the landscapes in my country. I could see myself using this Trendy as a daily wear bag as well – it looks practical and glamorous. As usual there are many colours to choose from. I really like it in yellow but I have also seen it in grey (gorgeous), camel brown, green, red and blue etc all over Instagram. I am partial to grey as well and blue. So many colours!


  • £3,200 GBP

5 — Chanel Trendy CC Bag in Black with Large Quilting

chanel trendy cc in black

While I prefer the Chevron detail of the Trendy CC vs the quilting, I love the glossy yet matte look of this black Trendy CC flap bag. I think the quilting looks better in black and I think the Chevron looks better in other colours. I love this bag as a daily work wear bag or if you are doing an all black everything outfit. I can see this bag getting a lot of use especially for me since I run my own small business and I like wearing black and monochrome often. I definitely will be considering this piece as well, It comes in loads of colours as well.


  • $5,600 USD

What do you think of these 5 Chanel bags? I love them all and I think they all have a different vibe depending on what look you are looking for. I am partial to the Trendy CC and the Deauville but I love when Chanel takes risks and tries new styles so I definitely want to see the Chanel 19 in person. I like things that are edgy and different yet ladylike and feminine. I think these bags encapsulate all of these elements.

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