Chanel 22A Caramel 19 Bag ~ How the Chanel 19 in Caramel looks

chanel 19 caramel

(Image: routerpotter via IG)

This is how the 22A Chanel 19 looks like in Chanel’s caramel shade. Technically, Big C does not call it caramel but brown however everyone in the Chanel shopping world refers to this as the caramel shade. It looks almost identical to the 21P caramel brown and the 21K caramel as well.

I think the caramel colour looks best on the Chanel 19 due to the larger quilts making it look softer and warmer compared to the caramel on the Boy bag which is way more structured.

I know some people have been curious about how this colour looks so I wanted to share this picture with you all in case you are interested. Let me know what you think about this 22A caramel shade!

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