Heels vs Flats: Which shoes are best?

I just did a new video on my YouTube channel about some new shoes I got from MRP. It got me thinking about the divide between heels and flat shoes. Which ones do you prefer in general? Do you love how high heels make you feel glamorous or do you prefer being comfortable in flats?

Heels Vs Flats – The Ultimate Decision

Heels are ideal if you are:

  • In a corporate environment
  • a CEO or top business executive
  • Need to make a good first impression in a business or workplace setting
  • Want to look stylish and glamorous
  • Needing a luxe option for a big event such as a wedding or a birthday party

Mid heels can also work for day to day wear. I personally love to wear heels over flats but I do like flats as well. Flats work if you need to be comfortable and if you are on your feet the whole day. I do think embellished flats can also look really good for work as well, it just depends on your style and what you are going for.

Which one would you choose ultimately? Let me know!