Pasha de Cartier Watches: Cartier Has Relaunched Pasha de Cartier – Is It Worth It?

Cartier has put a tonne of effort into rebooting the popular line from the 80s called Pasha de Cartier. They have recruited a host of young celebrities to promote the new line. I am not too interested in that however what I am interested in is the whimsical, almost fun and light-hearted look of the rebooted Pasha de Cartier watches.

How much do Pasha de Cartier watches cost?

The costs in USD depend significantly on materials. Here are some of my favourite Pasha watches alongside the prices:

  • Pasha Cartier Watch in Steel: $6,150
  • Pasha Cartier Watch in Pink Gold & Diamonds: $38,500
  • Pasha Cartier Watch in White Gold: $126,000

What is my opinion of the Pasha de Cartier watch?

Interestingly, I was not a fan upon hearing about the reboot but now I have seen the newly relaunched styles, I see where Cartier is going with this. The look of the Cartier watches is whimsical, it is dainty yet they don’t take themselves that seriously. I think this watch will be popular with young people under the age of 40.

Click here to see more of the Pasha de Cartier collection.

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