Chanel restricts sales of Coco Handles & Classic Flaps *All Info Here*

Chanel restricts the future sales of the Coco Handle & Classic Flap – VIPs not affected

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Chanel have decided to restrict the sales of 2 of their classic bags, the Classic Flap and the Coco Handle. This means you can only buy 1 CF or 1 CCH per year per country. Chanel know purchase history as well. This is going to put a lot of pressure on their seasonal bags like the Trendy CC, the Deauville and the Mini with the top handle.

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I think the Mini with the top handle is going to be the new ”unicorn” at the brand in light of these new restrictions. I also think eventually this bag will be put under restrictions as more people will come and buy it.

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I also believe this means the Mini with the top handle will probably see another price increase in early 2022 as Chanel knows people will turn to this bag.

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I also believe this means that the new Coco Handle designs will become highly coveted and I also think the Coco Handle won’t be a massive priority since they won’t be making as many of them. They will be making this bag as exclusive as possible.

SLGs are affected but I don’t have more info for right now. Fine jewellery is said to be affected though to me I feel like this is a red herring since this is a category that is important to Chanel.

Ready to wear is not affected – you can buy as much as you want. I don’t think VIPs or VVIPs will be affected by these restrictions unless they are resellers.


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