Chanel Mini With A Top Handle: Price List 2021 & Leather Options


Here is a quick reference guide for the Chanel Mini with a Top Handle. This bag is essentially a mini rectangular with a top handle; we first saw it on the catwalk for the Spring/Summer 2021 collection. This It came in a variety of colours including white, black, gold and pink in its debut season and it is coming back for Chanel 22P which launches in January 2022.

Leather Options

  • Caviar (discontinued)
  • Lambskin (2021 – present)

Caviar was discontinued because it is thought that this leather option for the mini top handle would discourage lambskin sales of other bags. The caviar option can now only be found on the resale market as it is highly unlikely they will bring caviar back but of course you never know. The new mini top handles are coming in Chanel 22P and they are all coming in lambskin as far as I know.

Price List 2021 *Worldwide*

Here are the current Chanel mini top handle prices as of December 2021. Tell me what you think of these prices:

GBP – £3,520

USD – $4,800

SGD – S$6,910

HKD – $36,600

EUR – €4,100

CAD – $5,700

AUD – $6,690

Chanel 22P Mini with top handle references

The references for the Chanel mini with top handles for the upcoming collection (22P) is as follows for a few selected colours.

Bag – AS2431

Blue – NG752

Yellow – NG754

Cloudy light pink – NG750

Red – NG757

My thoughts

I think the Chanel mini with a top handle is going to continue to be one of the most popular newer bags at the brand. One common criticism I have heard about this bag is the fact it is not really a new design. I don’t know if that matters so much because people seem to like the top handle. Top handle bags in general are very popular right now from the Trendy CC from Chanel to the Kelly at Hermes. People like how convenient this bag is with the top handle and strap. I think this bag is one of the final deals to be had at Big C – it’s still priced below the Trendy CC in GBP for example.

What do you think of this reference guide? Are you interested in it for 22P moving forward?

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