Louis Vuitton New Denim Capucines 2021 and New Empreinte Papillon

lv denim capucines

LV are launching another set of new Capucines and Papillon. The LV Capucines will be released with the denim drops that include a denim On The Go and denim nano Speedy (China only exclusive). These denim drops are coming on the 31 December 2021 (New Year’s Eve). I think the Capucines looks absolutely amazing and I love it. I got these pics from foxylv and the pricing she said will be $5,650 USD. I love that this denim Capucines gives a nod to the original first LV store on rue des Capucines – nice detail there.

empreinte papillon 2021

LV are also launching a new empreinte Papillon. This looks interesting to me. I think LV are upgrading a lot of their bags at the moment and I think there is a market for an empreinte Papillon.

What do you think of the new LV denim Capucines?

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