Chanel Price Increase January 2022 – New Price Increase For Chanel 22P!

chanel coco handle

Chanel are rumoured to have a new price increase that is coming. The products that are going to be affected are the following:

  • Coco Handle (Confirmed)
  • WOC (Confirmed)
  • Chanel 19* (Rumour)
  • Mini with top handle (Rumour)

According to Pursebop, the WOC will go up in the US from $2,950 USD to $3,150 USD. The Coco Handles will be going up for sure in USD with the mini Coco Handle being $4,800, the Small CH being $5,100 and the medium one being $5,500.

I will update this post once all the pricing for worldwide currencies filters through including EUR, GBP, SGD, AUD, CAD and other currencies.