Chanel 22P Bags *NEW PICTURES*: New HD Pictures and UK pricing for Chanel 22P Bags

Chanel 22P is launching next week and it is right here. I have attached a tonne of pictures of the new bags and accessories. Once I know prices next week, I will add a Chanel 22P Price list as well for those who are interested as the prices I have below are just for the UK right now. Here are the pictures you need to see of the collection. All credits to their relevant pages where I found the pics.

Chanel 22P Classic Flaps & Business Affinities

chanel 22p classic flaps

(First 3 pics: /forgetme_notbrandname)

Chanel 22P Bags with GBP Pricing

chanel 22p 2022 bags and accessories

(This batch of pics – /songsenkei)

There is a tweed mini flap that is just under 3,000 GBP. That looks like a deal right now and it looks like people will be drawn to that one. Which Chanel 22P bag do you like the most? Make sure you let me know!

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