How To Start And Plan Your Luxury Collection For Maximum Luxury Value!


(This article was written by Lucia)

1 – Do your research

chanel mini bag

The first and most important step is to know your style. Watch a lot of luxury related Youtube video to find out which luxury houses you like, which fit your style and your lifestyle. For me this step was very easy. I have always known, that I am a Hermes girl. I knew what bag style I like and also what (mostly trendy items) I only like and want because every influencer promotes it.

2 – Create a wishlist

Write down realistically everything you want. Try to not be influenced, but focus on your style and lifestyle. Include prices. Do not think you have to start buying entry level pieces and then move forward to more expensive pieces. You are going to save in long run, if you go straight to things you truly like.

3 – Your Budget

Maximise the luxury value of your collection. Let me describe this. Lets say you can spend 100k on car(s). One person buys 2 Volvo/Wv SUV and another person buy a preloved Mercedes G Wagon. Both persons have spent the same amount of money, but the second one will be perceived differently. This can also be applied, when building a luxury collection. You can spend 50K in Fendi and not will not add luxury value to your collection or you spend the same 50k on Hermes Birkins and Kellys and you are good (in terms of luxury handbags) for the rest of your life.

Take your wishlist and have a second realistic look at it. Prioritise items that will add value to your outfits such as:

  • bags, shoes & accessories that fit your lifestyle
  • A luxury watch,
  • fine jewellery

Try to remove some items that will not add value to your luxury outfits or try to buy as little of them as possible. By this I mean:

  • handbags and shoes you can only wear once a year,
  • too many SLGs (I love the LV Christmas animation SLGs, but do I really need to buy them each year?),
  • fashion jewellery (no not everybody needs a Chanel brooch, CC earing and a Click H bracelet – you can put this money towards a larger goal e. g. some of the Cartier/Hermes watches start at 2-3K and amount of money can be easily spend on unnecessary fashion jewelry)
  • other accessories – at the beginning of your luxury journey it is more reasonable to buy 1 belt, 1 pair of sunglasses, maybe a scarf or twilly if you are a scarf wearer,
  • do not start your luxury collection by buying RTW that you can only wear once.

Prioritise big ticket items! Do not opt for a cheaper option of your wishlist items, it will disappoint you & you might get the original item too.

For those of us, who want to maximize the amount and value of items to have in our collections it is recommended to also buy preloved. On the other hand when it comes to Hermes, it is way better buy directly from store. Most of the other items you can buy brand new on preloved websites for at least 30% off.

4 – Handbags

Handbags can add the most value to your outfits, because they are very visible compared to other parts of your outfits (unless you have the Jaquemus one). Try to think about the most common occasions you need a handbag for. Also consider the color palette you wear the most & choose handbags colors, that you should own. No one needs 40 handbags (at the beginning). In 2019/2020 I was able to score 4 Hermés Mini Evelyns from 2 stores within 12 months. Mini Evelyn is very casual bag and I like to wear elegant outfits 90% of time. Before I add something new, I like to think whether it is a bag style/color I do not own and whether it fits a gap in my luxury collection.

5 – SLGs/Fashion jewellery

Do you really want to spend all your money on SLGs or fashion jewellery? Choose 2 or 3 pieces you want & will use and buy them. In my opinion it is not worth to save on SLG since they are on the lower end of luxury price tag. It is better to have 2 more expensive piece you will not regret, than to have 10 cheaper options. Keep in mind – a wallet has to fit into your handbag(s) and you can only 1 pair of earrings at the time.

6 – Shoes

Buy at least 2 pairs of luxury shoes that fit your lifestyle the most. For maximising your budget buy statement pieces from luxury houses – pieces that are recognisable.

What shoes to not buy from luxury houses and rather opt to mid-range quality shoes: plain leather shoes. White logo-less leather sneakers will make look as stylish as their Hermes version. This also applies to plain black/beige pumps, ballerinas, atc. Do not invest in shoes you can only wear one season. Boots for example are the most expensive shoes and would not get the wear out of them. For the price of Hermes jumping boots (which do not fit my calves anyway 😀 ) I got Manolo Blahniks, Orans and Loro Piana summerwalks – and I am good for most of the occasion.

7 – Fine jewellery

Solid gold pieces – there are not that overprices as diamond pieces so I would buy from whatever luxury house you want.

Diamond pieces – it is better to not buy from luxury houses if you want to get the most value for your money.

Top tips – What to buy  preloved (or on sale)

  • Bags- Seasonal handbag and every other handbag, that do not hold its resell value.
  • Shoes to buy prevoled/on sale: Manolo Blahnik, Loro Piana (preloved but brand new), Jimmy Choos..
  • Watches to buy preloved: solid gold pieces from Cartier, Rolex, Hermes etc.
  • Watches to buy new: stainless steel ones or mid-range watches.
  • Buy high end clothes on sale. My favorite thing to do is to buy luxury clothes for 70% to 80% off.

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