Louis Vuitton Louisette Earrings – Honest Review of the Louisette Stud Earrings

(All the pictures in this review are my own from my Instagram)

I just bought the LV Louisette Earrings. These retail for €310 in Paris. I got them when I went on holiday earlier this month. I wanted to report back with a honest review about the Louisette earrings.


LV Louisette earrings

They definitely are way more subtle than they look on the website although I think they are actually bigger than they look on the website. They are meant to symbolise the LV flower that is part of the Monogram design. I think they can be worn daily for work, they are that subtle. No one would know they are Louis Vuitton earrings unless they follow high fashion and shop at LV themselves.


They are much more comfy than I thought they would be. I was curious about if they would be heavy. They aren’t considering they are bigger than they look. You can wear them for at least 6+ hours without them feeling heavy as I did wear them for a full day for work and errands I was running, and for an evening event.

Price & Value

I think these are good value costume jewellery earrings from a luxury house. Chanel’s earrings cost double the price for costume jewellery. I think this is more a personal choice because I personally like the LV’s symbols and monogram signs so for me wearing these earrings is not an issue. I am interested in getting the gold ones as well.

I would recommend these earrings because they exceeded my expectations in terms of how they look and the fact you can actually wear them to work and no one will know you are wearing Louis Vuitton earrings. It’s my understanding that the earrings are permanent and the style will not be discontinued.

Louis Vuitton Louisette Earrings – €310 euros for a pair, available at LV boutiques worldwide and on the website.

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