Dior Price Increase January 2022 – A bunch of things have changed at Dior

Dior had a price increase and I wanted to update you quickly on what you can expect. This information is accurate as of January 2022.

What has gone up during the Dior Price Increase 2022? I found this info from forums & social media groups.

  • The Bobby bag has gone up in Canada (CAD)
  • ABC Lady Dior’s have gone up – you need to check the Dior website for your local website
  • Small Book tote has gone up in various currencies
  • The Caro has gone up in Australia (AUD)
  • The Book Tote has increased in price in the US (USD)
  • The Caro has also gone up in price in the US (USD)

What do you think about this Dior price increase? If you want to discuss the price increase, join us in my Facebook group where we talk and show luxury every single day. It’s not a surprise that brands are increasing prices at the beginning of the year. I am interested in how they have managed to increase prices across various currencies so quickly.

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