Chanel 22P Earrings – Some of the best earrings from Chanel 22P

I wanted to showcase some fun and stylish costume jewellery earrings from Chanel 22P. I know people do go in on Chanel’s costume jewellery because it is not made from real gold but some of these styles look fun and can go with a variety of different looks. Here are some of my favourites:

chanel 22p cursive earrings

Chanel 22P Statement Earrings – €530 EUR

chanel 22p earrings

Chanel 22P Crystal Earrings – €780 EUR

chanel 22p hoop earrings

Chanel 22P Hoop Earrings – €720 EUR

I noticed a lot of the costume jewellery in 22P have way more cool toned such as silver hardware versus gold or champagne gold tones. These cool tones are a contrast to RTW which features a lot of pink. What do you think of these Chanel 22P earrings?

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