Chanel 22: The New Bag from Chanel โ€“ Will you be buying it?

chanel 22

Chanel 22 – Do you like this new bag?

Chanel are launching a new bag in time for the Spring/Summer main collection (also known as 22S). This looks like a larger bag, almost in the hobo style but it operates more like a shoulder bag. Do we like it or not?

chanel 22 bag

My view of the bag is that while I donโ€™t think it is personally my taste, I think the bag is needed so we can move away from the mini bag trend that has been dominating fashion for the past few years. Larger bags have been on the horizon for a while now but for a house as big as Chanel to design something larger without a mini version shows a sign of confidence that we are finally going back to larger bags. The 22 is following on from the spirit of the 19 by being named after the year it was created instead of a name. Interesting trend โ€“ not sure how Chanel will keep it up. It will come in a variety of colours including pink and black โ€“ it looks like it will be made from leather as well.

What do you think of this new Chanel 22 bag?

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