Chanel 19: Should you buy this or not?


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The Chanel 19 is a bag that I have been thinking about recently often because I am wondering whether I should buy it or not. I am leaning to purchase the bag to be honest but my alternative is the mini with the top handle.

Chanel 19 Thoughts & Opinions

I think the Chanel 19 has a lot going for it – bags are becoming less structured as time goes on and people are looking for casual slouchy bags. Many people say the bag looks like a pillow as well. I love how it looks and I think it is a chameleon – it can look different in different colours and finishes. Generally speaking the 19 comes in lambskin but it has come in goatskin in the past. It comes in lots of colours and they also have a tweed version of the 19. The 19 motif comes in a wallet on chain (WOC), wallets and card holders. I am not a huge fan of how long the chain is for the 19 WOCs so I won’t be focusing on them. I like that the 19 can be worn crossbody, as a clutch and it has a top handle chain so you can carry it like that as well. It has multi use.

The sizing is confusing for the 19 – I don’t live in a country with a Chanel boutique but it is my understanding that essentially there are 3 sizes – the small, medium and large with some people calling the large the medium LOL. It can be get confusing but let’s stick with small, medium and large.

Chanel 19 – The Future

chanel 19

There is a lot of chatter in the Chanel customer universe about whether the 19 will last the test of time. I think it will which is why I am leaning to take it. I think it looks different every season. The bag is basically permanent and won’t be discontinued. Seeing that it was Lagerfeld’s last design, I don’t see Big C deciding to get rid of it ever. I also find the classics boring honestly so I am more drawn to different looking bags like the 19. I only like the seasonal classics.

Will  I buy it yes or no? I am leaning towards it more and more, just waiting for the right colour now and there is so much to choose from!

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