3 Best False Eyelashes For 2022

I love lashes and I wanted to share some lovely false eyelashes that you could use for 2022. All of the ones here are easy to apply and they all bring something fresh and different to your look. Here are some of the 5 Best False Eyelashes for 2022:

Best False Eyelashes For 2022

  • Kiss 4 Pair Faux Mink Collection: These lashes are awesome because you get a set of 4 which is awesome if you want to wear false lashes for different events. Very soft and easy to apply. Click here to purchase.
  • Ardell Aqua Lashes: These lashes are fun because you don’t need any adhesive, they are as simple as dip and apply onto your lash line and you are good to go. Shop these lashes here.
  • Kiss Lashes Luxtension Eyelashes: These eyelashes in the Royal Silk finish look like eyelash extensions but they are simple and easy to use false lashes. Perfect for you if you love long lashes and the way they look. Click to purchase here.

Extra: Black lash glue that melts into your lashline without standing out is awesome – try this one from Kiss Nails right here.

All of the lashes here are under $10; I like strip lashes because I think that they are easier to use. I think individual lashes are also great if you prefer longer term wear however strip lashes are fabulous when you want to change your look and then take them off and go back to your natural lashes.

Which lashes are you choosing from these 3? Let me know!

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