Chanel 22S Caramel Mini is coming but I have some *BAD NEWS*

chanel 22s caramel mini

(Image: /yuaxchanel)

I have some good news and bad news to share here! Chanel are releasing a 22S Caramel mini and it will also come in the medium classic flap. Now that is the good news. Sadly there is some BAD NEWS as well.

I was hoping that they would release the caramel shade in the Chanel 19 but it does not look like it is coming in a caramel shade at all. I don’t know why Chanel would not take advantage of the popularity of the caramel Chanel 19 and re-release it so we can see it more and more.

I love the Chanel 19 and I do not understand the reasoning for this but here we are, the caramel colours are only coming in the classics and not the 19. I have not seen the caramel colour in the Trendy for years either. Why do you think Chanel is not releasing the caramel in the 19 anymore?

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